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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

As a NSW Government site, Communitybuilders.nsw must set the highest standards in relation to the accuracy and relevance of the material it publishes. It also intends to make every reasonable effort to ensure the relevance and accuracy of links to other sites.

All published material on the site:

  • Must be written clearly and concisely for a web audience.
  • Must, in the opinion of the editors, be informative and related to the stated vision, objectives and structure of the site.
  • As a general rule, should have been originally published in the last five years (although there may be some exceptions to this rule for highly regarded, 'seminal' literature).
  • Links must have been checked to ensure relevance with the site and that a reasonable quality of information, clarity and speed is possible. It is not expected that the whole of any site could be perused before agreeing to it as a link.
  • Must be as current as possible (if changes are required to published information, please email the webkeeper).
  • Not be an advertisement for a for-profit organisation
  • Not include inappropriate or illegal material, including breach of copyright
  • Not be “for sale”, “wanted to buy” or “position vacant” articles

Material submitted by users must:

  • Be original and where references to other published works are made, the contributor must have written permission to use the references.
  • Have a contact name and telephone number or email address supplied and the author must be prepared to deal with incoming enquiries regarding the information.
  • Contributors must be prepared to have the material edited by the communitybuilders editors or to have suggestions as to how it could be presented differently to reach the target audience more effectively.

Acceptable event submissions will always be related to community building and will consist of:

  • Community events
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Training courses and workshops
  • News and announcements

For-profit and fundraising events may be acceptable, as long as they are relevant to the site’s vision and objectives.

For any questions or enquiries please contact us.