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Anti Bullying Campaign Will it Work?

Posted by Shell 
Anti Bullying Campaign Will it Work?
December 23, 2004 08:26AM
Hello everyone!

I’m a bit confused about this new anti bullying campaign, as I really can't see that wearing a blue wristband will have any bearing on bullying. It could only be effective if everyone wears them; in that case ones without would be seen as bullies, which might not be true, they might not wear them because they look stupid. People are just not going to wear them for the rest of their life are they? How much would the ones wearing the bands stick up for the victims of bullies anyway? It's one thing to wear a band but another to actively try to intervene.

Some bullies may get the bands for the fun of it. Getting the bands doesn't require any declaration that you are not a bully that needs to be witnessed etc so what does wearing one prove? As a former victim of bullying I'm all for raising awareness and providing ways to combat bullying, but is this campaign actually doing that or does it seem to be more talk than action?

Kids who have them may well pick on others who haven't saying look what I got, you haven't got one, and kids can be so petty. Not to mention the fact that they will become a fashion accessory rather than about something.

I would live to hear your viewsmoody smiley:

Thank you

Where do you get the anti bullying bands, I have looked everywhere on the interenet and all it does is tell me about them. Please tell me soon because I want one as I think they are a good idea!
Thank you for your time
Yours Sincerely

i also want to know where the blue bully bands are because they are a really really good idea and at my school the bullying has gone down because people wore those bands so please please can you tell me were to get them.

from becky

hi i think that this anti-bullying campaign is a really good idea but i have looked everywere and i cant find the blue band anywere please could you tell me where to get one?

Stacey from Penrith
hi i agree with that becky every1 in my school are wearing tese bands it is a great idea soo where do you get them from as ihave searched all over for them

from Alex

i would like to get my hands on to an anti-bulling wristband but i cannot find them any were so please could any one of you tell me because they are such a good idea and everyone eles have got one who i see

Hi shel i think that anti bullying bands are not just and accesorie i think they actually do mean somthing. At my school hundreds of people have them and are not bullies yet a girl in my year who is the biggest bullie ever doesn't have one and says there stupid and ugly looking. I have never actually been bullied and yet my friend at my old school was, becauses of his weight. Now the anti bullying bands are out most people have made a new year resolution to become kinder to others - well that is what happened at my old school. I used to be a bully and now i am not and would like an antii bullying band. So anyone reading this: where can i get an anti bullying band from? (radio1 have sold out)!
Thankyou for listening to what i have got to say Emaxx

i would love 2 know where i can get an anti bullying band from ive been bullied so i know what its like and far too many people are getting away with it at my school. i would like one so i can show im against the bullying in my school and maybe i can get my point across.



Iknow where you can get the wrist bands if you go on to ebay and bid for one. This is what I done and got it for £2.50 but some of these bands were going for £26 so it just shows how popular they are.
I hope yuo have found this helpful.

You can go to www.duntothers.com for the anit bullying bracelets.
Hi there,
As the moderator of the communitybuilders.nsw discussion forum, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this discussion on the success of the Anti Bullying Campaign.

To summarise - there is overwhelming support for this campaign, with many stories of how it has made a difference, or will make a difference in reducing bullying.

Many of you have posted requesting information on where you can buy these bands. There was a suggestion that you could buy them on ebay, however there was also a feeling that this was a rip-off and the money would not be going to support the campaign.

Luis has finally located that they can be bought for $1 USD at

We are now closing this discussion and no further postings will be published. Good luck with continuing the success of the campaign.

Best wishes
Carolyn Leigh
Senior Project Manager
Anti bullying bands can also be bought through


And a reminder...this discussion is now closed. If you have any further information on where to get the bands, please send it to webkeeper@communitybuilders.nsw.gov.au

Carolyn Leigh
Senior Project Manager
Hii everyone,

i guess the wristbands that you guys are talkin about are only to raise awarness about bullying that is taking place in schools.
I'm part of an anti-bullying campaign at my school, we have developed a series of workshops to help students build resilience ( be strong, not giving up etc)...

We've been doing the workshops for 2 years now..and the feedback is great..
we know we cant fully stop bullying in our scool, but we are trying to raise awarness about it as much as we can.. to prevent it from happening and to wake kids up..
Re: Anti Bullying Campaign Will it Work?
June 30, 2008 10:04AM
Hi Fatima,

I am interested in more information about the workshops you run, I work for an organisation that has developed a kit for building resiliene in schools. We have a teachers kit available with resources and activites in areas such as conflict, self esteem, stress, communication and an particular on starting High school for yr 7 and 8. We also developing a new audit tool to help schools assess their connectedness,l we hope this will be available early next year. If anyone is interested contact Rachel at rhumpries@adra.org.au.

Alex Wrote:
> hi i agree with that becky every1 in my school are
> wearing tese bands it is a great idea soo where do
> you get them from as ihave searched all over for
> them
> from Alex

Look You can have all the campaigns to prevent bullying but they do not work.Its about kids being able to tell teachers without fear that they are being bullied. The school needs to work with the victims. Parents need to be made more accountable with their kids that are the tormentors. Schools need to get tougher on bullies.
Re: Anti Bullying Campaign Will it Work?
March 11, 2009 11:32AM
The bands raise awareness in the community Shell. Once people are made aware about a problem, they're much more likely to think about possible solutions.

Fashion is an excellent promotional tool. You can't tell me you haven't noticed a slogan t-shirt on someone and pondered it's meaning or it's goal for a moment. Fashion is an important part of culture. The clothing and accessories you choose to wear identify which social group you identify with. Through clothing you are able to communicate your values (e.g. monks, nuns, 'goths', 'punks', 'hippies').

If kids are wearing these bands, they are communicating their values to those around them. If they are acting in contradiction to what their band stands for, right there is an excellent opportunity to point this out. Perhaps they'll think twice about it's meaning. Perhaps they'll be made AWARE... Mission accomplished!

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