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Funding for volunteer work in Africa

Posted by ZoeBell 

Just wondering if this great site, ever offers funding for people who want to volunteer overseas, me and my finance would like to volunteer for 6 weeks in Africa, for 4 weeks working with disabled children in Cape Town, and then 2 weeks working in an animal conservation reserve. All up it will cost us over $10,000, we are scrapping for cash in day to day life, and this is something that we really feel we need to do, but will have to get it fundraised somehow.

Any ideas or opinions are very welcome, Id appreciate any advice!

Thanks, Zoe
Re: Funding for volunteer work in Africa
August 03, 2011 03:54PM
There are opportunities listed for some overseas projects from some funding providers, for locations such as India (http://www.communitybuilders.nsw.gov.au/15863560968076_2.html), but as you have already selected Africa as your destination, you may have to search on Google for non-profits who work specifically in Africa. Alternatively, some members of the forum may have some suggestions.
Re: Funding for volunteer work in Africa
August 06, 2011 01:59PM
Perhaps you can contact Australian Volunteers International (http://www.australianvolunteers.com/). The staff may be able to advice you. If you want to become a volunteer of AVI, you can obtain some sort of financial support. See below copied info.

What other financial support is provided?

If your Volunteer Program assignment is seven months or longer in duration, AVI will provide you with a settling-in allowance and a resettlement allowance. These allowances are designed to contribute towards the cost of passports, excess baggage, initial food, household items and any other costs incurred during departure. The settling in allowance is paid prior to departure by direct transfer to your Australian bank account.

The resettlement allowance is designed to offset some of the costs of excess baggage, departure tax and en route and resettlement expenses. This allowance is paid on completion of an assignment.
Re: Funding for volunteer work in Africa
October 18, 2011 06:21AM
Would you consider visiting Heartspring Children orphanage and School in Kenya. We care for 70 orphans and volunteering in our centre will be a life changing experience. You can reach me at (heartspring2002@gmail.com). There are as well several animal consevations around!
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