About The Collective NSW

About The Collective NSW

About The Collective NSW
  • Protecting the most vulnerable
  • Break the cycle of disadvantage

Instead of government, the community leads the way to help solve problems for some of the community’s most vulnerable

What is It About?
The Collective NSW is a model which aims to protect the most vulnerable in our society and break the cycle of disadvantage through cross sector and community collaboration.

It reduces government’s prescriptive role clearing the path for the local community to lead the way, supported by the corporate sector, government and the community. See our story.

Who Is Involved?
Communities and individuals, big and small business, all levels of government. Non-Government Organisations and academics.

The Collective is about everyone joining forces to create social impact.

Working together is much more effective than working alone. The Collective brings everyone together to support projects and ideas. It is about pooling time, talent and resources to bring about positive change. It is about floating new ideas and encouraging new ways of thinking to tackle age old problems associated with disadvantage.

Communities are closest to the issues affecting them, so they are usually best placed to offer a solution. Under the Collective NSW model government lets the community direct the path allowing for a joint response from the community, government and business, big and small.

Our Online Community
The Collective is on social media where like-minded people wanting to disrupt inequality can gather, connect and work together to create outcomes to improve life for our most disadvantaged.