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Polly and me

A short film addressing child abuse and neglect.

POLLY AND ME a 25 minute short film


POLLY AND ME is the story of a mother and child isolated from the normal support systems of community and family.


The Caledonia Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation, which seeks to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged young Australians. As part of its grant making strategy, The Caledonia Foundation manages national outreach and education campaigns using documentary film making as a tool for social change.

For further information on The Caledonia Foundation visit:


In 2010 The Caledonia Foundation launched the outreach and education program for the film POLLY AND ME, as a follow on to the documentary THE OASIS – AUSTRALIA’S HOMELESS YOUTH. POLLY AND ME will be part of an initiative that aims to reignite the conversation and assist to put child abuse and neglect on the national agenda.

This will be the second phase of THE OASIS outreach and education initiative which has a specific focus on prevention and early intervention. Central to the second phase was the special screening on ABC1 of POLLY AND ME during National Child Protection Week on Thursday September 9.


The POLLY AND ME initiative is facilitated by a collaborative partnership with a number of philanthropic organisations, and 12 community partners including:
• The Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY)
• National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN)
• The Benevolent Society
• CREATE Foundation
• Families Australia
• Good Beginnings Australia
• The Lighthouse Foundation
• Lou’s Place – Women’s Refuge
• The Mirabel Foundation
• The Salvation Army and The Oasis Youth Support Network
• The Smith Family


POLLY AND ME will be accompanied by a comprehensive education and outreach strategy that has been rolled out from July 2010. With the support of like-minded philanthropists, the outreach and education campaign aims to:
• raise awareness about vulnerable children in Australian society
• build community capacity to prevent childhood abuse & neglect
• draw attention to policy-makers to the importance of investing in early prevention and intervention.


Each community partner has engaged in community screenings and forums throughout major cities in Australia. The outreach campaign will formally commence in National Child Protection Week, starting with the ABC1 special.


The story of POLLY AND ME was motivated by our three-year experience of filming THE OASIS documentary. So many of the homeless young people we encountered had a history of neglect and abuse – and to this day we are left wondering what could have happened if someone had intervened earlier in their lives.

Child abuse and neglect is a matter of national urgency, and one that has slipped off the radar in the Australian consciousness. The Caledonia Foundation hopes the POLLY AND ME initiative will help raise attention to the complex issues and drive a reform agenda that prevents child abuse and neglect.


To purchase POLLY AND ME:

You can purchase a DVD for $15.00 inc GST through the following options:

* online shop
* request an invoice - by emailing me on
* please send a purchase order with a cheque made payable to Shark Island Productions Pty Ltd for the sum of $15.00


For further information visit the website
or contact Ruth Johnstone, Project Manager, The Caledonia Foundation,


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